Best CYBERPOWERPC  Gaming PC under 1000Here you can peruse details of CyberPowerPC Gxivr8100a gaming PC review. This particular gamer PC has all that you need to get your gaming requirements set. It offers VR ready dimensions as well. It is equipped with 16 GB DDR4 RAM along with Intel i7 processor; the NVIDIA GeForce GPU guarantees better performance and much more. Read on to know more about the pros and cons as well as details of its features.

Short answer time: Know pros & cons


  • It is fitted with AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card that promises excellent graphics
  • It offers good looks along with a viewing window and red LED case; there are inbuilt fans for cooling
  • The system comes with pre installed Windows 10 Home edition
  • Hardware upgrades are possible in the future


  • The solid state drive is not present
  • Only one PCI slot is offered
  • Keyboard and mouse offered are of poor quality
  • Overclocking ability is not built in

Bottom line

There is much to like about this gaming PC under 500 since it is a pre-built gaming desktop unit. It comes with all necessary components pre-built into it along with wired gaming mouse and keyboard as well as a USB wireless adapter. The aesthetic design of the box is nice with a window to provide a clear view of the case and red LED fans that keep everything cool. The RX 480 graphics card ensures that even challenging games work smoothly. The option to upgrade the PC as and when required also becomes an added advantage.

Features#1 design

When you go through the CyberPowerPC Gxivr8100a gaming PC review, what will strike you is the attractive and unique design of this gaming computer. It comes fitted with a case that has a clear viewing window fitted with red LED lighting. This helps add an aesthetic feature to this product as well as allows a glimpse of the inside of the case. There are extra case features that point towards care for details like cable management, liquid cooling, and support for fans. There is a DVD/RW optical drive also added. For cable free internet connection USB wireless adapter is also included. With connectivity options for HDMI, DVI and display port, it ensures versatility of connections, whether you are fitting a high resolution monitor to this case or wish to add on one or more gaming consoles.

Features#2 processor and graphics

This gaming PC comes fitted with an Intel i5 processor, which is a quad core processor that flaunts the latest architecture of Skylake. The processor assures excellent performance for any level of games you play. For a gaming rig of this budget range this processor model is a good benchmark to opt for.

The graphics component of the PC is the other vital component to look at. This gaming PC comes with AMD RX 480 4 GB card; it promises great performance and incorporates graphics rendering technology that is the latest.

Features#3 storage and memory features

This particular gaming PC comprises of 16 GB DDR4 RAM; this ensures fast and speedy performance as well as smooth gaming sessions without blurring or tearing. The hard drive memory capacity is 1 TB while the GPU comprises of 4 GB memory; hence, there is no dearth of storage and memory in this PC.

Even with the generous memory and storage capabilities of this gaming PC you can also upgrade further if you wish to. There are four slots of RAM, which keeps the option open for RAM upgrade as and when you want to.

Features#4 performance features

This pre-built gaming PC under 500 has all the hardware components and configuration necessary to ensure good performance at an affordable budget. It is VR ready with the latest processor and graphics card model ensures that you need not look further to have your gaming PC ready to run different kinds of games as necessary. The memory and storage space is generous and will ensure that you can multitask with ease as well as run games for extended sessions without seeing a lag in performance.


This gaming PC offers you everything that you need in a modern gaming build that will stand by you, no matter what kind of games you load and resolution or refresh rate you require to play them in a smooth manner. With a good standard set for the processor as well as graphics card that has the latest capabilities, you will be able to fit a high resolution monitor of your choice with this gaming PC.

As per the price range below $700 that this gaming PC comes in, this gaming PC under 500 does a good job of offering customers all that they can need in a modern gaming rig.

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